Is our Managed Print Service for you?

A Managed Print Service, often called MPS is a solution which will make your printer requirements straightforward, manageable and save money.

It takes away the stress and hassle often associated with purchasing and maintaining pay-as-you-go (PAYG) printers in the workplace and instead, replaces them with a simple solution which cuts costs and increases control. MPS takes away the uncertainty around how much you pay for your print and copy requirements by simply giving you a set cost per page.

More than that it removes the tiresome admin around making sure you don’t run out of toner and printer cartridges, but the biggest deal of all — it’s guaranteed to cut your print costs. The Printerbase Managed Print Service can be used for any size organisation, whatever the number of printers you have and however many people use them. You’ll get the peace of mind of experts on tap and a seamless service giving you better print performance.

So how does our Managed Print Service work?

It’s simple. Call us and we’ll talk through your print requirement and if necessary arrange to visit your business to carry out a free audit. We’ll look at the make and model of the printers you’re using; the type of printing you’re doing and the number of ink cartridges and toners you’re getting through. All this gives us a complete picture of your printer requirements and current performance.

We’ll then recommend a tailored Managed Print Service package which is right for you and which will give you the most savings.

To learn more about our managed print service go to what is MPS